電影【綠騎士】經典台詞名言語錄:為什麼要偉大,有良善還不夠嗎?The Green Knight Quotes

電影【綠騎士】經典台詞金句語錄 The Green Knight Quotes(中英文對照)


“Why Greatness? Why Is Goodness Not Enough?” – Essel



King: Remember, it is only a game. 




Gawain: I see the legends. 

“Do Not Take Your Place Amongst Them Idly.” – The King  




Gawain: Was it not just a game?

King: Perhaps. But it is not complete. 




Gawain: And if death awaits me?

King: Oh, I do not know of any man who has not marched up to greet death before his time.  




King: is it wrong to want greatness for you?

Gawain: I fear I am not meant for greatness.



Gawain: I gave my word.I made my a covenant.





King: Then come. Sit here, besides us. Besides me and my queen.

Gawain: That is not my place.

King: No. Then let it be, today. Its owner is away. Who knows when he will return?




Mother: When you return, you will come with your head held high. I promise, you will not come to harm. And, boy, my boy, do not waste this.




I will be king, and you my queen.You’ll be my lady, and I’ll be your man.


Essel: “Why, yes, Essel. I’d like that very much.You may have my ear, and my hand, and heart. And I will be king, and you my queen.You’ll be my lady, and I’ll be your man.” 








Scavenger: Are my directions not worth anything to you?

Gawain: My thanks.

Scavenger: I said, are my directions not worth anything to you? I mean, a knight like you could spare a wretch like me just a small, small act of kindness.

Gawain:Here. A kindness. 





Gawain: Just tell me then. Is here really a chapel?

Scavenger: You’re in it. 




Scavenger:[after he stealsGawain’s axe, girdle, and horses]

You rest your bones, my brave littie knight. I’ll finish your quest for you. I’ll finish it good





“I Just Need My Head.” – Lady Winifred

Gawain: My lady My lady. Are you real, or are you a spirit?

Winifred: What is the difference? I just need my head.

Gawain: As will I before the year is out. 








The Lord: Let us make a promise to each other. I hunt tomorrow, and the day after.
Whatever the forest offers me, I will bring you home the best. And you give me in turn whatever you might receive here.

Gawain: What might I receive here that is not already yours?

The Lord: Who knows? This house is full of strange things. But then again, I see things everywhere that bear no logic.




‘Whilst we’re off looking for red, in comes green. Red is the color of lust. But green is what lust leaves behind, in heart, in womb. Green is what is left when ardor fades, when passion dies, when we die too.’ – The Lady’  


我們總是在尋找紅色,直到綠色出現了。 紅色代表慾望,綠色則代表慾望遠去。 當熱情消退,激情消逝,當我們也死去時,綠色是所最後剩下的。 




Green Knight: Then kneel, and we shall complete our game.








“One Year Or A Hundred, It Wouldn’t Make A Difference.” – Gawain


Green Knight: [as he goes to swing his axe] Now, one strike as good as you gave. Sir, you

Gawain: I know. I know.

Green Knight: Did I show signs of fear when our positions were reversed?

Gawain: I’m not so confident as thee.

Green Knight: You have had a year to find courage.

Gawain: One year, or a hundred, it wouldn’t make a difference. Give me a moment.




“You Are At The End Of Your Quest, Gawain. A Little Sooner Than You Expected, Perhaps. But Such Is The Case For Us All.” – The Lord


22、「走那條路,你的厄運就在眼前。」- 狐狸

“Go That Way And Your Doom Is At Hand.” – The Fox



The Lady: You are no Knight.



Winifred: Where are you going?

Gawain: Home. I’m headed home.

Winifred: And you’ve lost your way?

Gawain: Yes.

Winifred: I’ve lost something as well. Will you help me find it?






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