電影【棕櫚泉不思議】台詞金句語錄:今天是昨天,今天也是明天 Palm Springs Quotes

電影【棕櫚泉不思議】台詞金句語錄:今天是昨天,今天也是明天 Palm Springs Quotes

電影【棕櫚泉不思議】台詞金句語錄:今天是昨天,今天也是明天 Palm Springs Quotes 中英文對照

關於電影【棕櫚泉不思議】Palm Springs

電影【棕櫚泉不思議】Palm Springs是一部2020年上映的美國喜劇片,由導演麥斯巴巴考夫 Max Barbakow 執導,主要演員有安迪山伯格 Andy Samberg、克莉絲汀米莉歐蒂 Cristin Milioti、J·K·西蒙斯 J.K. Simmons、卡蜜拉曼德絲 Camila Mendes領銜主演,是2020年打破日舞影展授權金史上最高成交紀錄的電影,爛番茄影評網93%好評推薦,是一部小成本的影展黑馬,講述時空隧道輪迴的愛情喜劇。本篇主要針對電影【棕櫚泉不思議】電影台詞 Palm Springs Quotes 中英文對照。




1、’Pain matters. What we do to other people matters.’ – Nyles (Palm Springs)

“痛苦很真實。 我們對其他人所做的事情也是真實的。”  -奈爾斯


2、’In order to really know a person, you have to see the entire package. The good and the bad.’ – Nyles (Palm Springs)



3、’I can survive just fine without you. But there is a chance that this life can be a little less mundane with you in it.’ – Sarah (Palm Springs)

「沒有你,我可以一樣可以活得很好。 而你沒有我,只是生活變得平淡一點而已。”





Jerry: Good day so far?

Nyles: Today, tomorrow, yesterday, it’s all the same.


電影【棕櫚泉不思議】台詞金句語錄:今天是昨天,今天也是明天 Palm Springs Quotes


5、「我決定向Google提出關於婚姻,愛情和承諾的兩個最重要的事情。 愛情是要對某人產生深深的浪漫情感或是彼此產生對性的依戀。 我們都知道這兩個小怪胎在那個部門都可以,對嗎? 承諾是致力於事業,活動等的狀態或質量。」


[giving her wedding speech to Abe and Tala]

Misty: Okay, I decided to Google the two most important things about marriage, love and commitment. Love is to feel a deep romantic, or sexual attachment to someone. And we all know these two little freaks are fine in that department, right? And commitment is the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, et cetera.


Tala: Oh, she’s done.
[the guests applaud]


電影【棕櫚泉不思議】台詞金句語錄:今天是昨天,今天也是明天 Palm Springs Quotes



霍華德:當然,妳應該要演講,妳是伴娘。 這是妳最重要的職責所在。


HowardGet on up there, peanut.

Sarah: No one told me that I was supposed to make a speech.

Howard: Of course you’re supposed to give a speech, you’re the maid of honor. It’s your main job.



電影【棕櫚泉不思議】台詞金句語錄:今天是昨天,今天也是明天 Palm Springs Quotes



Nyles: We are born lost. Then we’re found, but we’re all just lost, am I right? However, in the darkness comes light.





「是,循環才剛開始。 可能有一些自殺的方法,但我還沒有弄清楚,因為我自殺了很多、很多次。


Sarah: So we can’t die?

Nyles: No. The loop just starts over. There might be some way to kill yourself, but I haven’t figured it out, and I’ve done a lot of suicides. So many.


電影【棕櫚泉不思議】台詞金句語錄:今天是昨天,今天也是明天 Palm Springs Quotes



Nyles: Here you are, standing on the precipice of something so much bigger than anyone here. And it may be frightening and filled with doubt. But always remember, you are not alone. Everyone here is your family. We are your world. And we will cheer you on with delight in our eyes as you achieve your wildest dreams. So raise a glass. We may be born lost, but now you are found. Cheers.
Misty: Wait. What?


電影【棕櫚泉不思議】台詞金句語錄:今天是昨天,今天也是明天 Palm Springs Quotes





[referring to his wedding speech]
Sarah: Yeah, but you don’t actually believe any of the s**t that you said?
Nyles: Not a word of it. We’re all f***ing alone.



11、Nyles: I don’t know what it is. It could be life. It could be death. It might be a dream. I might be imagining you. You might be imagining me. It could be purgatory, or a glitch in the simulation that we’re both in. I don’t know. So, I decided a while ago to sort of give up and stop trying to make sense of things altogether, because the only way to really live in this is to embrace the fact that nothing matters.

Sarah: Well, then what’s the point of living?

Nyles: Well, we kind of have no choice but to live. So I think your best bet is just to learn how to suffer existence.



12、Sarah: No. No, I’m going to get out of this.
[she starts driving fast towards]

Nyles: Okay. Suit yourself.
[Nyles takes his seatbelt off and leans his head on the dashboard]

Sarah: What are you doing?

Nyles: Bracing for a quick death. I mean, we can’t die, but pain is very real. There’s nothing worse than slowly dying in the ICU.
[Sarah takes off her seatbelt]

Nyles: We could just skip this whole phase, go get a beer, you know. Or not. Whatever.
[Sarah drives fast towards the truck heading straight for them]

Nyles: See you tomorrow.




13、[after Nyles reveals that he also trapped Roy in the time loop after a night of partying]

Nyles: When Roy found out about his new life, he did not take it lightly. Luckily, he lives in Irvine and wakes up there every day, so he only comes around once every few days. Or weeks. I don’t know. My sense of time is a little fuzzy.

Sarah: But what does he want?

Nyles: I think he thinks it’s revenge?



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