【文藝】30句 關於母親節的英文名言佳句語錄:神顧不了所有人,所以神創造了母親 Mom Quotes

【文藝】30句 關於母親節的英文名言佳句語錄:神顧不了所有人,所以神創造了母親 Mom Quotes


God can’t take care of everyone, so God created mother.



There is only one you in this world, which contains countless kinds of willfulness.



Every casual word you say blooms in her heart.



Remember to leave a copy for your mother for the romance and spoil of your life.



Time kills mother, and you are mother’s time.



Thank you for not being superman, but becoming omnipotentomnipotent for me.



Don’t laugh when you wear white hair and flowers. Time never beats beauty.



Only when I grow up and become a mother can I really understand my mother.



I spent my whole life saying goodbye to you, but you spent your whole life telling me to be careful on the road.



The universe is vast and life is vast, but only you and I have really shared the heartbeat.



The whole world is urging me to fly, only you love my little wings.



Once upon a time I was your little cotton-padded jacket, and later I will become your bulletproof vest. 



Mom doesn’t remember Mother’s Day. The day you go home is the holiday.



What I am most sorry for is that my youth rebelled and met your poor expression.



The most unspeakable pain she can’t say is that she feels distressed for you. The abandon she hung on her mouth never came into her heart.



Mother is actually a kind of time, from green space to a forest, from small stream to a deep lake, from bright moon to an iceberg.



I hope my hard work can catch up with your aging speed.



Thank you for having you. The world is not a lonely wilderness, but a garden that flows all the year round.



When I was a child, I always wanted to fight my sword and go to the end of the world. Now, I just want to stay with my mother and count my years.



You may be disappointed with me occasionally, and I will complain about your nagging, but we all know that we are always 100% in each other’s eyes.



You used to hate her daily necessities, philistine and tactful, but forgot that she also used to make wine with pine flowers and fry tea in spring water.



She will always favor you, even if she is old, decadent and barren. I tremble at such tenderness.



Every mother is actually a god, but over the long period of time, she has broken her heart and become a mortal by a worthless child like me.



You are the best mother in the world and the best yourself. I hope you are brilliant and beautiful every day. Even at the age of 80, you can have a cup of coffee with your sisters.



In September, we will never be able to afford the rent.



Today is Mother’s Day, everyone can get 100Q coins by sending this message to Moments. I have tried it, it is fake, but I still want to wish my mother a happy Mother’s Day.



Mom, don’t worry about getting old. You must be very cute when you get old. You are ten years old, I am ten years old, and the world is ten years old. It is also romantic to grow old together.



In this life, my most forgetful cry has been twice, once at the beginning of my life; once at the end of your life. The first time, I won’t remember, it was listening to you; the second time, you won’t know, it’s useless for me to say it. But in the middle of the two cries, there was endless laughter. Over and over again, it echoed for 30 years. You all know, I remember. (Yu Guangzhong)



When I met my mother, she was only 23 years old. I guess the first time my mother saw me, it must be the most beautiful time in her life. Only then I must have been crying incessantly, so I forgot to see my mother’s most beautiful appearance.


30、「打我有記憶起,媽媽就是個中年婦女的樣子。 所以我總忘記,媽媽曾經也是個花季少女。」-電影【你好,李煥英】Hi,MOM

For as long as I can remember, mom has been a middle-aged woman, but no one told me she used to be a young girl.




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【文藝】30句 關於母親節的英文名言佳句語錄:神顧不了所有人,所以神創造了母親 Mom Quotes



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【文藝】30句 關於母親節的英文名言佳句語錄:神顧不了所有人,所以神創造了母親 Mom Quotes



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