開口說英語─生活英語/英文短句 1000句-2(第346~660句)

【中 級】 生活英語 346-400句

346. He walks with a quick pace. 他快步走路。
347. He was not a little tired. 他很累。
348. His looks are always funny. 他的樣子總是滑稽可笑。
349. How about going to a movie? 去看場電影怎麼樣?
350. I think I’ve caught a cold. 我想我得了感冒。
351. I was taking care of Sally. 我在照顧莎莉。
352. I wish I lived in New York. 我希望住在紐約。
353. I’m very glad to hear that. 很高興聽你這樣說。
354. I’m your lucky fellow then. 我就是你的幸運舞伴啦!
355. It’s none of your business! 這不關你的事兒!
356. No littering on the campus. 在校園內不准亂丟廢物。
357. She is a good-looking girl. 她是一個漂亮女孩。
358. She mended the broken doll. 她修補了破了的洋娃娃。
359. So I just take what I want. 那麼我只拿我所需要的東西。
360. Spring is a pretty season, 春天是一個好季節。
361. The figure seems all Right. 數目看起來是對的。
362. The stars are too far away. 星星太遙遠了。
363. The whole world knows that. 全世界都知道。
364. Tomorrow will be a holiday. 明天放假。
365. We walk on the garden path. 我們走在花園小徑上。
366. What you need is just rest. 你需要的就是休息。
367. What are your favorite steps? 你最喜歡跳什麼舞?
368. You’d better let her alone. 你們最好是讓她一個人呆會兒。
369. A lost chance never returns. 錯過的機會永不再來。
370. Don’t let this get you down. 不要為此灰心喪氣。
371. He shot the lion with a gun. 他用槍把獅子打死了。
372. I don’t think you are right. 我認為你是不對的。
373. I have never seen the movie. 我從未看過那部電影。
374. I haven’t seen you for ages. 我好久沒見到你了。
375. I was alone, but not lonely. 我獨自一人,但並不覺得寂寞。
376. I went there three days ago. 我三天前去過那兒。
377. It’s a friendly competition. 這是一場友誼賽。
378. It’s very thoughtful of you. 你想得真週到。
379. May I speak to Lora, please? 我能和勞拉說話嗎?
380. Mr. Wang is fixing his bike. 王先生在修他的自行車。
381. My brother is seeking a job. 我弟弟正在找工作。
382. Nancy will retire next year. 南希明年就退休了。
383. Neither you nor he is wrong. 你沒錯,他也沒錯。
384. Opportunity knocks but once. 機不可失,時不再來。
385. She dressed herself hastily. 她匆忙穿上衣服。
386. She hired a car by the hour. 她租了一輛按鐘點計費的汽車。
387. Someone is ringing the bell. 有人在按門鈴。
388. The Smiths are my neighbors. 史密斯一家是我的鄰居。
389. These shoes don’t fit right. 這雙鞋不太合適。
390. This is only the first half. 這才是上半場呢。
391. This pen doesn’t write well. 這鋼筆不好寫。
392. Would you like a cup of tea? 你想喝杯茶嗎?
393. You really look sharp today. 你今天真漂亮。
394. Another cat came to my house. 又有一隻貓來到我家了。
395. Check your answers with mine. 把你的答案跟我的核對一下。
396. Don’t keep the truth from me. 別瞞著我事實真相。
397. Everything has its beginning. 凡事都有開端。
398. He came to the point at once. 他一下子就說到了點子上。
399. He fell behind with his work. 他工作落後了。
400. He is the happiest man alive. 他是世界上最快樂的人。

【中 級】 生活英語 401-500句

401. He neither smokes nor drinks. 他既不抽煙,也不喝酒。
402. He ran his horse up the hill. 他策馬跑上小山。
403. He reminds me of his brother. 他使我想起了他的弟弟。
404. He was efficient in his work. 他工作效率高。
405. He will do anything but work. 只要不是幹活,他幹什麼都行。
406. His father runs a restaurant. 他的父親經營一家餐館。
407. I have something to tell you. 我有事要告訴你。
408. I smelled a smell of cooking. 我聞到了燒菜做飯的味道。
409. I want to see the film again. 我真想再看一遍。
410. I’ve got too much work to do. 我要做的工作太多了。
411. Let’s go for a walk, shall we? 咱們出去走走,好嗎?
412. Please let me check the bill. 請讓我核對一下帳單。
413. Plenty of sleep is healthful. 充足的睡眠有益於健康。
414. The sun comes up in the east. 太陽從東方升起。
415. This is because we feel pain. 這是因為我們能感到疼痛。
416. What do you desire me to do? 你想要我做什麼?
417. What you said was quite true. 你所說的完全符合事實。
418. You can either stay or leave. 你可以留下或者離開。
419. Your life is your own affair. 你的生活是你自己的事。
420. All that glitters is not gold. 金玉其外,未必皆善(不可僅以貌取人)。
421. Are you going to have a party? 你要舉行聚會嗎?
422. Aren’t you concerned about it? 難道你不擔心嗎?
423. Don’t forget to keep in touch. 別忘了保持聯繫。
424. He broke his words once again. 他又一次違背了諾言。
425. He is in his everyday clothes. 他穿著平常的衣服。
426. He is taller than I by a head. 他比我高一頭。
427. He led them down the mountain. 他帶他們下山。
428. He was trained to be a lawyer. 他被培養成一名律師。

開口說英語─生活英語/英文短句 1000句-2(第346~660句)

Don’t forget to keep in touch.

429. I am afraid that l have to go. 我要走了。
430. I don’t have any cash with me. 我身上沒帶現金。
431. I have been putting on weight. 我開始發胖了。
432. I have just finished the book. 我剛剛讀完這本書。
433. I was late for work yesterday. 我昨天上班遲到了。
434. It appears to be a true story. 這故事似乎是真的。
435. I’ve got to start working out. 我必須開始做健身運動了。
436. Japan is to the east of China. 日本在中國的東部。
437. John asked Grace to marry him. 約翰向格雷斯求婚。
438. My watch is faster than yours. 我的錶比你的錶快。
439. New China was founded in l949. 1949年新中國成立。
440. Thanks for your compliment. 多謝你的誇獎。
441. They charged the fault on him. 他們把過失歸咎於他。
442. This car is in good condition. 這車性能很好。
443. This work itself is very easy. 這件工作本身很容易。
444. Truth is the daughter of time. 時間見真理。
445. We look forward to your visit. 期待您的光臨。
446. What do you think of this one? 您覺得這個怎麼樣子
447. What’s the weather like today? 今天天氣怎麼樣?
448. A red tie will match that suit. 紅領帶能搭配那件衣服。
449. A wet road is usually slippery. 潮濕的路往往是滑的。
450. Example is better than precept。 身教勝於言傳。
451. Go right back to the beginning. 直接回到起始位置。
452. He does everything without aim. 他做事都漫無目標。
453. He is respectful to his elders. 他對長輩很恭敬。
454. He knows English better than I. 他比我懂英語。
455. He resolved to give up smoking. 他決心戒煙。
456. His talk covered many subjects. 他的報告涉及很多課題。
457. I fear that he drinks too much. 我擔心他喝的酒太多了。
458. I have my hair cut every month. 我每個月都理髮。
459. I want to have a part-time job. 我想有一份兼職工作。
460. I’m sorry to have bothered you. 對不起,打擾你了。
461. It is not so easy as you think. 這事沒有你想像的那麼簡單。
462. Keep your temper under control. 不要發脾氣。 .
463. Lying and stealing are immoral. 說謊和偷竊都是不道德的。
464. My efforts resulted in nothing. 我的努力毫無結果。
465. My false teeth are stuck to it. 我的假牙還在上邊呢!
466. She is a composer for the harp. 她是位寫豎琴曲的作曲家
467. Take me to the airport, please. 請送我去機場。
468. Talking with you is a pleasure. 和你談話很愉快
469. The eggs are sold by the dozen. 雞蛋按打賣。
470. The price just covers the cost. 這個價格正好抵消成本。
471. The sweater is of good quality. 這件毛衣質地很好。
472. The teacher got a little angry. 老師有點生氣了。
473. Think carefully before you act. 三思而後行。
474. Walt invented the steam engine. 瓦特發明了蒸汽機。
475. We are divided in our opinions. 我們意見分歧。
476. What ever I said, he’d disagree. 不論我說什麼他都不同意。
477. Whoever comes will be welcomed. 來的人我們都歡迎。
478. You look as if you didn’t care. 你看上去好像滿不在乎。
479. You should look at it yourself. 你應該親自看看它。
480. Draw your chair up to the table. 把你的椅子拉到桌子旁邊來。
481. He covered himself with a quilt. 他給自己蓋上一條被。
482. He found my lecture interesting. 他覺得我講課有趣。
483. He had a good many friends here. 他在這兒有很多朋友。
484. He is only about five feet high. 他大概只有五英尺高。
485. Her family are all music lovers. 她全家人都是音樂愛好者。
486. I am busy. How is your business? 我很忙。你的生意做得怎樣?
487. I don’t think much of the movie. 我認為那電影不怎麼樣。
488. I feel like eating an ice-cream. 我想吃一個冰淇淋。
489. I found him seated on the bench. 我發現他在椅子上坐著
490. I gave much time to the old car. 我在這輛破車上花了不少時間。
491. I lost the door key about here. 我在這附近掉了門鑰匙。
492. I’m not guessing, I really know. 我不是在猜想,我真的知道。
493. It’s time to tell her the truth. 是該告訴她真相的時候了。
494. Let’s watch TV with a candle on. 咱們點上蠟燭看電視吧。
495. Most games cost about that much. 大部分遊戲差不多都是這個價錢。
496. My parents want me to go abroad. 我父母想讓我出國。
497. She has been collecting stamps. 她一直收集郵票。
498. There are many stars in the sky. 天上有很多星星。
499. We get to London this afternoon. 我們是今天下午到達倫敦的。
500. What about having a pizza first? 先吃點批薩怎麼樣?

【中高級】 生活英語 501-600句

501. You’d better look before you leap. 你最好三思而後行。
502. You know what I’m talking about. 我想你知道我在說什麼。
503. He has been sick for three weeks. 他已經病了幾周了。
504. He inspected the car for defects. 他詳細檢查車子有無故障。
505. I count you as one of my friends. 我把你算作我的一個朋友。
506. I go to school by bike every day. 我每天騎自行車上學。
507. I have a large collection of CDs. 我收集了很多唱片。
508. I won’t be able to see him today. 今天我不可能去看他。
509. I’ll call a taxi in case of need. 如果需要,我會叫計程車的。
510. Is there any sugar in the bottle? 瓶子裏還有糖嗎?
511. It’s a secret between you and me. 這是你我之間的秘密。
512. It’s very kind of you to help me. 你幫助我真是太好了。
513. Let’s divide the cake into three. 我們將蛋糕分成三份吧。
514. Patience is a mark of confidence. 耐心是自信心的一種表現。
515. Susan is going to finish college. 蘇珊將完成大學學業。
516. That is my idea about friendship. 這是我關於友誼的看法。
517. The book you ask for is sold out. 你要的那本書已經售完了。
518. The boy was too nervous to speak. 那男孩緊張得說不出話來。
519. The play may begin at any moment. 戲隨時都有可能開始。
520. The salve will heal slight burns. 這種藥膏能治療輕微燒傷。
521. The sea sparkled in the sunlight. 陽光下,大海波光粼粼。
522. The teacher tested us in English. 老師用英文考我們。
523. There is a bridge over the river. 河上有一座橋。
524. They rode their respective bikes. 他們各自騎著自己的自行車。
525. They will arrive in half an hour. 他們將於半小時之內到達。
526. Time is more valuable than money. 時間比金錢寶貴。
527. We are all in favor of this plan. 我們都贊同這項計劃。
528. We reached London this afternoon. 我們是今天下午到達倫敦的。
529. We two finished a bottle of wine. 我倆喝完了一瓶酒。
530. What a lovely little girl she is! 她是一個多麼可愛的小女孩耶!
531. Will you pick me up at my place? 你能到我的住處來接我嗎?
532. You may choose whatever you like.喜歡什麼就選什麼。
533. You’re suffering from an allergy? 你過敏嗎?
534. Beyond all questions you are right. 毫無疑問,你是對的。
535. But I plan to weed the yard today. 我計劃今天除院子裏的草。
536. But who will do all the housework? 但是這些家務活誰來做呢?
537. Close the door after you, please. 請隨手關門。
538. Come to see me whenever you like。 你可以隨時來見我。
539. Don’t pull the chairs about, boys! 不要把椅子拖來拖去,孩子們!
540. He drives more carefully than you. 他開車比你小心。
541. He invited me to dinner yesterday. 他昨天請我吃晚飯了。
542. He struck his attacker on the ear. 他打了那個攻擊者一耳光。
543. He suddenly appeared in the party. 他突然在晚會上出現了。
544. Her handbag goes with her clothes. 她的手袋和她的衣服很搭配。
545. Here we are. Row M, seats l and 3. 哦,到了。M排,l號和3號。
546. His boss might get angry with him. 他的老闆也許會生他的氣。
547. I expect to be there this evening. 我打算今天晚上到那兒去。
548. I really need to lose some weight. 我真的需要減肥了。
549. I think you have the wrong number. 我想你打錯號碼了。
550. I would rather stay at home alone. 我寧願獨自呆在家。
551. I’d like to look at some sweaters. 我想看看毛衣。
552. Its origin is still a mystery now. 它的起源至今仍是個謎。
553. Money is no more than our servant. 金錢不過是我們的僕人。
554. Once you begin, you must continue.一旦開始,你就得繼續。
555. She is poor but quite respectable. 她雖窮,人品卻很端正。
556. She spent a lot of money on books. 她花了很多錢來買書。
557. The girl in red is his girlfriend. 穿紅衣服的那個女孩是他的女朋友。
558. There is a chair below the window. 窗戶下面有一把椅子。
559. They employed him as a consultant. 他們雇用他為顧問。
560. To be honest with you, I’m twenty. 老實說,我20歲。
561. We often call him by his nickname. 我們經常叫他的綽號。
562. Will you be free tomorrow evening? 你明晚有空嗎?
563. Would you like to leave a message? 你要留話嗎?
564. You can never turn the clock back. 時光不能倒流。
565. You may as well tell me the truth. 你還是把事實告訴我為好。
566. Are your grandparents still living? 你的祖父母還在麼?
567. Can you recognize that woman, Mary? 你能認出那個女人是誰了嗎,瑪麗?
568. Do you have any suggestions for me? 你對我有什麼建議麼?
569. He is tough, but I am even tougher. 他是一個硬漢子,不過我要比他更硬。
570. He made his way through the forest. 他設法穿過了森林。
571. He suggests you leave here at once. 他建議你立刻離開這兒。
572. He was married to a friend of mine. 他和我的一個朋友結了婚。
573. He will blame you for carelessness. 他會責備你的粗心大意。
574. I can give you a number of excuses. 我可以給你說出很多韻理由。
575. I don’t doubt that he will help me. 我不懷疑他會援助我。
576. I hope you enjoy your stay with us. 希望您在這兒過的愉快。
577. I’d like to repair our differences. 我願意消除一下我們之間的分歧。
578. It’s nothing to be surprised about. 這事不值得大驚小怪。
579. It’s rude to stare at other people. 盯著別人看是不禮貌的。
580. Bob has always had a crush on Lucy. 鮑伯一直在愛著露茜。
581. Let’s take a short break for lunch. 讓我們休息一會兒,去吃午飯。
582. Linda speaks as if she were a boss. 琳達說話總好像她是老闆。
583. She became more and more beautiful. 她變得越來越漂亮了。
584. Suppose it rains, what shall we do? 萬一下雨,我們該怎麼辦?
585. The book is protected by copyright. 該書受版權保護。
586. The ice is hard enough to skate on. 冰已經厚得可以溜冰了。
587. The price includes postage charges. 價格包括郵資在內。
588. This is a little something for you. 這是我給你們的一點心意。
589. What he likes best is making jokes. 他最喜歡開玩笑。
590. Who but Jack would do such a thing? 除了傑克,誰會做這種事呢?
591. You should have a mind of your own. 你必須有自己的主見。
592. You will soon get used to the work. 你很快就會習慣於這項工作的。
593. Columbus discovered America in l492. 哥倫布於1492年發現了美洲。
594. God helps those who help themselves. 天助自助者。
595. He has a nice sum of money put away. 他存了一大筆錢。
596. He is heavily insured against death. 他給自己投了鉅額的人身保險。
597. He used to learn everything by rote. 他過去總是死記硬背。
598. He’s a terrible man when he’s angry. 他生氣的時候很可怕。
599. I am on my way to the grocery store. 我正在去雜貨店的路上。
600. I am sick of always waiting for you! 你,老讓我等你,真是煩透了。

【中高級】 生活英語 601-700句

601. I appreciate John’s helping in time. 我感謝約翰的及時幫助。
602. I bought it the day it was released. 它發行的當天我就買了。
603. I doubted whether the story is true. 我懷疑那故事是不是真的。
604. I learnt that I had passed the test. 我獲悉我測驗及格了。
605. I will seek from my doctor’s advice. 我將請教醫生的意見。
606. Ice cream is popular among children. 冰淇淋深受孩子們的歡迎。
607. I’d like to get this film developed. 我要沖洗這卷膠捲。
608. In a word, I am tired of everything. 總之,我對一切都很厭倦。
609. Let us do it by ourselves, will you? 我們自己做這件事,可以嗎?
610. May I know the quantity you require? 請問你們需要多少數量的貨物?
611. Nobody has ever solved this problem. 沒有人曾解決過這個問題。
612. Our school covers 100 square meters. 我們學校佔地面積平方米。
613. People enjoyed the stamps very much. 人們非常喜愛這些郵票。
614. The editor overlooked a print error. 這位編輯漏掉了一個印刷錯誤。
615. The sudden barking frightened Clara. 突然的狗叫聲嚇壞了克拉拉。
616. The teams are coming onto the field. 隊員們都進場了。
617. There is a mark of ink on his shirt. 他的襯衣上有一塊墨跡。
618. There isn’t any water in the bottle. 瓶子裏一點水也沒有。
619. This joke has gone a little too far. 這個玩笑開得有點過分了。
620. We arrived in London this afternoon。 我們是今天下午到達倫敦的。
621. We can’t go out because of the rain. 我們不能出去因為下雨了。
622. We should make good use of our time. 我們應該充分利用我們的時間。
623. We should save unnecessary expenses. 我們應節省不必要的開支。
624. You may have heard of Birth Control. 你們也許聽說過控制人口出生的措施。
625. After a pause he continued his story. 停頓一下之後他繼續說他的。
626. As you know, I am a very kind person. 你知道,我是個很和善的人。
627. He dare not tell us his evil conduct. 他不敢告訴我們他的惡行。
628. I can express myself in good English. 我可以用很好的英語來表達自己的觀點。
629. I’ll furnish my house with furniture. 我要為我的房子置辦傢具。
630. It seemed as if there was no way out. 看情形似乎沒有出路了。
631. It’s the hottest day I’ve had so far. 這是迄今為止我經歷的最熱的一天。
632. Mr. Smith is in charge of this class. 史密斯老師負責該班。
633. Mr. Smith taught English at a school. 史密斯先生在一所學校教英語。
634. None of us is afraid of difficulties. 我們當中沒有一個人害怕困難。
635. Our school is in the east of Taipei. 我們學校在台北的東邊。
636. She really wishes her clock had rung. 她真希望今早她的鬧鐘響了。
637. She teaches foreign students Chinese. 她教外國學生華(漢)語。
638. The question will be settled tonight. 這個問題將在今晚解決。
639. The weight is too much for my height. 相對於我的身高來說,體重太重了!
640. There are mice in Mrs. Lee’s kitchen! 李太太的廚房裏有老鼠!
641. There is no one but hopes to be rich. 沒有人不想發財。
642. There’ll be some sport reviews on TV. 電視上會有一些體育評論。
643. This company is our regular customer. 這家公司是我們的老客戶。
644. This is a good example of his poetry. 這是他詩作的一個好例子。
645. What we read influences our thinking. 我們所閱讀的書本會影響我們的思想。
646. Words can’t express what I felt then. 無法用語言形容我當時的感受。
647. You really have an ear for pop music. 你確實對流行音樂很有欣賞力。
648. A bad workman quarrels with his tools. 手藝差的工人總是抱怨工具不好使。
649. Can you adapt yourself to the new job? 你能適應新的工作嗎?
650. Does the computer ever make a mistake? 電腦出錯嗎?
651. Don’t be uneasy about the consequence.不必為後果憂慮不安。
652. Even a child can answer this question.即使小孩都能回答問題。
653. He has many strange ideas in his mind. 他腦內盡是奇思怪想。
654. He is commonly supposed to be foolish. 他是公認的傻瓜。
655. He sat with his arms across the chest. 他雙臂交叉於胸前坐著。
656. He set up a fine example to all of us. 他為我們樹立了一個好榜樣。
657. His cake is four times as big as mine. 他的蛋糕是我的四倍大。
658. I do not care whether it rains or not. 我不管天會不會下雨。
659. I have a lot in common with my sister. 我和我姐姐有很多相同之處。
660. I haven’t even touched your tooth yet. 我還沒有碰到你的牙齒呢。

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