【電影語錄】31句 詐欺女王台詞金句語錄 I CARE A LOT Quotes

【電影語錄】詐欺女王台詞金句語錄 I CARE A LOT Quotes

1、“There’s two types of people in this world. Those who take and those that get took. Predators and prey. Lions and lambs.”




2、“I’ve been poor. It doesn’t agree with me.”




3、“My name is Marla Grayson and I’m not a lamb. I am a f*cking lioness.”




4、“You can’t care for her by doing what she wants, you have to do what she needs.”




【電影語錄】31句 詐欺女王台詞金句語錄 I CARE A LOT Quotes



5、Marla Grayson:“ You may be a man, but if you ever threaten, touch, or spit on me again, I will grab your dick and balls, and I will rip them clean off.”




6、“I’m helping you feed the money monster, but I hardly see any of the gold for myself. Give me a taste.”

“我正在幫助您賺錢,但我自己卻看不到任何好處。 給我一點誘因。”



7、“All except her test results. That wouldn’t be ethical.”




8、“She’s rich, independent, literate. That lady right there, she’s my f*cking hero.”

她富有,獨身一人,識字。 那位女士就在那裡,她就是我的英雄。


【電影語錄】31句 詐欺女王台詞金句語錄 I CARE A LOT Quotes


9、“If you need me to take care of her, I can take care of her.”




10、“Oh my goodness, have I done something wrong?”




11、“I’m not struggling. I’m fine. I’m more that fine.”




12、“Most of us are weak, compliant, scared.”




13、“Sir, he’s alone.”



【電影語錄】31句 詐欺女王台詞金句語錄 I CARE A LOT Quotes



14、“Don’t get fooled by old people.”




15、“She now has full control of your mother’s life and assets.”




16、“Because she has very powerful friends who can make life uncomfortable for you. Extremely unpleasant and uncomfortable.”




17、“But we all die, right? Some of us will just die sooner in a more horribly protracted and painful way.”

“有一個天我們都死了,對吧? 但我們中有些人會以更加可怕、緩慢持久和痛苦的方式早日死去。”



18、“I didn’t want to have to do this.”



【電影語錄】31句 詐欺女王台詞金句語錄 I CARE A LOT Quotes


19、“I think if your opening gambit is one hundred and fifty grand, then Jennifer Peterson must be work a lot, lot more than that to whoever it is who sent you here.”




20、“How can I just abandon her?”




21、“When this is through, you’re not gonna have any of those things. None of them.”




22、“You’re in trouble now.”




【電影語錄】31句 詐欺女王台詞金句語錄 I CARE A LOT Quotes


23、“Just you wait.”




24、“Oh, you’re a robber.”




25、“I’m the worst mistake you’ll ever make.”




26、“I’m here to undo a miscarriage of justice.”




27、“I don’t lose.”




28、“I’ll give you $50 if you let me make a call on your cell.”



29、“Working hard, playing hard.”



30、Roman Lunyov: You recognize that woman, Marla? That’s your mother, isn’t it? After I destroy you, I will destroy her.

Marla Grayson: Go ahead. I don’t give a shit about that fucking sociopath.

Roman Lunyov:您認識那個女人,Marla? 那是你媽媽,不是嗎? 我摧毀你之後,我會摧毀她。

Marla Grayson:儘管動手吧。我不會為那該死的社會人渣而難過。


【電影語錄】31句 詐欺女王台詞金句語錄 I CARE A LOT Quotes


31、Marla Grayson: Every fortune ever accumulated started with a leap of faith. But before you take that leap, first take a long, hard look at yourself. Know who you are. Ask yourself: am I an insider? Or am I an outsider? Am I a lamb? or am I a lion? Am I a predator or am I a prey? Am I good at money? or Am I good at people? What am I willing to sacrifice to achieve my dreams? What lines will I not cross? Don’t try to be anyone else. Just know who you are and use that to your advantage.

瑪拉格雷森(Marla Grayson):積累的每一筆財富都始於信念。 但是,在您實現信念之前,請先仔細檢查一下自己。你是誰。問問自己:我是局內人嗎? 還是局外人? 我是羊羔嗎? 還是獅子? 我是掠食者還是獵物? 我擅長賺錢嗎? 還是我洞悉於人性? 為了實現夢想,我願意犧牲什麼? 有什麼是自己無法突破? 不要試圖成為別人。只要知道你是誰,並利用它來發揮自己的優勢。








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