Korean Movie【KEYS TO THE HEART】Movie Review | Everyone should have their own world

電影【那才是我的世界】影評 Keys to the Heart Movie Review 

121 minutes in Korean

Starts showing 2018-2-23

  • 2018 New Year Korean blockbuster production
  • Korea’s heart warming  tear jerker version of “Rain Man”  produced by an  award winning production team.  
  • Assembled international film star Lee Byung Hun, veteran best actress Youn Yuh Jung, writer of “The Fatal Encounter” Choi Sung Hyun, Han Ji Min, and Kim Sung Ryung 
  • Lee Byung Hun, gave a moving performance.   He changed from his usual cool handsome image and played the brother, an angry washed-up boxer.
  • Best New Actor awarded by Baeksang Arts Awards and Blue Dragon Film Award, Park Jung Min who practised hard at the piano for half a year.





電影【那才是我的世界】中文影評原文 | Movie review

Someone (Barbara) translated my Chinese film review. Would  I thank you for helping me translate into english!?

This is the original Chinese film review.





“Impossible is not a fact.  It’s an opinion.”

– Muhammad Ali. 


I think the script of this movie is well written.   Although I was able to guess the story line, I have to say that the mood that I felt was rich and full with a humourous beginning, a middle section that was inspirational and moving followed by an enjoyable music feast. 


The movie “KEYS TO MY HEART” for me, each person should have his own world.  
All through life one should pursue one’s own true love;

Each seed should have it’s  own piece of dream land;  striving to contribute one’s life to what one really wants to do.  


Einstein said:

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” 



What makes this movie so approachable is that it clearly shows the reality of society. 


Each person in the movie has his own imperfection.  Thereafter reality and the protagonist’s simple world is being compared.  


Although I was able to guess  the plot correctly, but the script is easy to understand.  Certain parts are still inexplicable and I was moved to tears. 


In addition to laughter and tears there is also a music feast.  The story evolves around a mother and her two sons.  


Earlier on, because of her husband’s domestic violence, the mother had to run away from home.

When the brother met his mother again, 17 years has passed and his younger brother suffers from severe autism.


 The family is ordinary and can be considered even a broken family.   Perhaps because the family is not complete that people feel deeply sympathetic and acknowledge that life is so bumpy. 


Even though a benefactor appears in the plot, with beautiful appearance and superior family background, she is disabled.


I was touched by this movie because of my pure love of music.  However, I cannot deny the main reason that i saw the movie is because I am attracted by Lee Byung Hun.  


It is rare that Lee who usually takes on strong protagonist roles would play an ordinary character. But I really would love to praise the Baeksang’s/Blue Dragon’s Best  New Actor Park Jung Min. He has a lot of room to give free rein to his acting.




Everyone should have their own world

Let me talk about the point where this movie  made me cry.  Although I was well aware that the younger brother Oh Jin Tae (played by Park Jung Min) was very talented at playing the piano, excellent at playing video games, and his communication skills somewhat adversely affected by his autism, I did not understand why the landlord’s daughter would be attracted to him.  


However, when the elder brother scolded him that apart from playing the piano, playing games, eating and drinking, a man should make money and should engage in sports.  Such a saying is a very common vision. Therefore, his brother Jo Ha  (played Lee Byung Hun) took him to distribute flyers to make money.  


Somehow in the process of distributing flyers, he started to play a piano on the street, not expecting to attract admiring passers-by.  


I do not know why Jin Tae self immersion in his world of music suddenly moved me…




Everyone knows what they like?

 If they are fortunate enough to insist on what they want to do?  Making money for a living is inevitable.  


However, if you care too much what what other people’s vision and opinion,  the majority of us would not be able to live our lives as our true selves.  



We spent a lot of time learning to get along with others, but forgot to get along with ourselves.  For Jin Tai, one of the main characters, his world is very simple because  of his autism.   The elder brother’s worldly vision on Jin Tai reminded me of the line from the movie “Three Idiots” “ Pursue excellence, and success will naturally follow you.”



When he plays the keyboard with his fingers,  it touches people’s souls through the music.  Compared to the distribution of flyers, the value of the two is not the same, not to mention the performance accompanied by reward. This is the reason why his mother In Sook (played by Youn Yuh Jung) encouraged  him.  


For Jin Tai who has never taken a piano class, he is indeed a genius in this field.  


Like Einstein’s saying about letting fish climb trees, if misplaced, he will be very much in pain.  If one find’s one genius, it is very important to place oneself in the right seat.


In this movie, I think Park Jung Min’s acting is very good because he is able to emerge himself in the the protagonist who is intoxicated in his world of music and performed very well.  The music notes seem to float in the air and infected everyone’s soul.  


One feels that art is valuable but being moved is priceless.  


Compared to anything that emphasises the reality of pecuniary interest, perhaps Oh Jin Tai’s pure love of music in his heart is the most rare.



Hard life growing up

Talking about the brother Kim Jo Ha (played by Lee Byung Hun)  his role to a large extent is indeed very bitter:  he grew up in a broken family  therefore, he grew up like an orphan.  He chose the road of boxing which is not unlike what I witnessed at the Taiwan dome for the RFC competition. Many players shared their reason for choosing boxing which coincided to the road chosen by Jo Ha.  Most of them were orphans and were bullied.


Even if a person wants to pursue boxing, those who are protected as children in a very safe environment have difficulty to develop their career in this field.  


However, Jo Ha did receive the WBC championship. Not accustomed to living with his mother for many years, he managed to live together with them.


He gradually felt the family support and developed siblings emotions. At the end of the movie, the two brothers held hands when crossing the road. That felt very warm.





Actually, in the course of the movie, interest and money are used as  the starting point, the reality of real living is shared with the audience.


For example, in a car accident, how much is enough? As if all the things can be resolved with money.  However, for all body damage,  money cannot make up for all the shortcomings.  The protagonist’s poor communication and appearance, cannot be regarded in the secular view as ‘bright and beautiful’.


And the story is not overly exaggerated allowing normal life to encounter “failures.”  Legendary boxing champion Muhammad Ali’s saying:  “Impossible is not a fact.  It’s an opinion.” is nothing more than an encouragement to pursue one’s dreams.  “Impossible’ is just an opinion of others.  For oneself, it is an undetermined fact until one has done one’s utmost.  In the movie, “The Pursuit of Happyness” :  Those who cannot are the ones that say you cannot.”



People can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you that you can’t do it. ?




“KEYS TO THE HEART”  –  Favourite lines from the movie

1.   Muhammad Ali:  “Impossible is not a fact.  It’s an opinion.”


2.   Benevolence is also a kind of money, do not waste it casually.


3.   I would like to fly, but in reality it is not so.


4.   “In a competition, everyone’s circumstances are the same.  Whether you have practiced since childhood or only practiced for a few hours, what is important is that you understand the song.” “To understand the world, he uses 88 keyboards.  And yet, I started to learn the piano at age six, what do I understand?


5.  Please do not let me see you.  Otherwise in one day, I shall return all the beatings mother and I received from you. Please stay here to die.  If you are to come out, please do not tell me.  I just feel that I have to say this.


6. I just want someone to care about him, to be concerned whether he is alive or not.


7. For the disobedient guy, he will only pull himself together when beaten.